Patient Testimonials & Reviews

When one is faced with chronic pain, your life and the life of your loved ones are impacted in ways that significantly decrease quality of life. I feel fortunate to have found Harmony Medicine. My feelings are that they do more than just view me as “a patient.” They take a holistic approach to provide the best outcome to help me live life to the fullest. They do this through their experienced, respectful, and understanding professionals who provide an atmosphere of hope and love – starting with each staff member and ending with a fantastic physician in Dr. Adkins. Thank you, Harmony, for all you do for me. – Billie, 63

Harmony Medicine gave me my life back. – Carlton, 51

The team members at Harmony Medicine are very professional and caring. I have had a great experience with the individual departments within Harmony Medicine. The medical staff has my best interests at heart. The insurance department is great to work with as well. The front office is polite and treats everyone with the utmost respect. – Jamie, 50

I have been going to Dr. Adkins’ office since May 2013. When I first saw Dr. Adkins, my pain level was above a 10. I love coming here every month and have begun to feel better since coming here. I love the people who work here; they are very caring and are very attentive to my health. Between the injections and pain treatments, my pain has been reduced tremendously. I am able to get around and attend family activities. Dr. Adkins and staff are caring and loving people. They are here to make sure you have a pain free life so you can do the things you once enjoyed doing. To the receptionists, nurses, and Dr. Adkins: may God bless you and may you continue the excellent work that you do! – Jennie, 55

I have been pleased since coming to Harmony Medicine. Dr. Adkins and staff have worked hard to help find answers to keep my pain at a low level so I can maintain a good quality of life. – Michael, 61

I love Harmony Medicine! The staff is really great and cares about me as a person. I could not be happier with my experience at Harmony Medicine! – Sheryle, 52

Harmony Medicine is a pleasant and professional office to come to. Everyone is very caring and willing to work with you. I’ve been under pain management care for about 11 years, and I have been able to return to living a good life because of the staff at Harmony Medicine. – Troy, 46